A music education app correlating with the best-selling?
Freddie the Frog? books.

Fall in love with Freddie.? Fall in love with music.

Freddie the Frog? is an educational app that introduces kids to the written language of music. The app was developed by the best-selling author of elementary music education materials, Freddie the Frog? books/CDs and plush toys, and Appademia LLC, a software company devoted to mobile applications for the academic world.?

Kids fall in love with Freddie the Frog? through his entertaining storybooks/audio CDs. Freddie and his best friend, Eli the Elephant, love to go on adventures in the Sea of Music, unlocking the world of music as they explore Treble Clef Island, Tempo Island, Crater Island, and more. Freddie?s encounter with the Bass Clef Monster introduces kids to the bass clef notes.?

The Freddie the Frog? app is a fun place for kids to review music concepts learned through the stories. The technology allows kids to take advantage of kinesthetic learning as they paint illustrations from the books, challenge themselves with note matching games, play note name games, create music with rhythm games, and just have fun while learning music!?

Freddie the Frog??($4.99)

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Features and music benefits:?

Matching Games with music note names and cards from the stories.?

  • Beat your time to find the matching pairs!
  • Music note name recognition
  • Memory skills
  • Sorting ability
  • Reasoning skills

32 Story Pages to Paint

  • Paint pictures of all your favorite Freddie the Frog characters!
  • Save and share!
  • Music note name recognition
  • Picture correlation
  • Memory skills
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Creativity

Music Alphabet Games?

  • Beat your time matching note names to the music note!
  • Treble clef and bass clef
  • Music note name recognition
  • Reasoning skills
  • Memory skills

Tempo Island Game?

Create your own rhythm pattern to play along with the island music!

    • Music vocabulary
    • Tempo terms ? Largo, Andante, Allegro, and Presto
  • Auditory skills
  • Auditory correlation to rhythm notation
  • Beginning composition
  • Pattern recognition
  • Math correlation
  • Auditory beat skills
  • Auditory rhythm skills

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