Music & Movement

Interactive Author Visits Designed for Kids

Sharon Burch

Author Visit Video

Full 45-minute Session
Furry Elementary
Sandusky, Ohio
130 First Grade Students

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Ideal for grades K – 5


45-minute session per group
A typical presentation:
  • Setup: The Mirror Game
  • Introduction to Freddie: “Hello, Freddie”
  • The “back story” of how I met Freddie
  • Sharing the Thump in the Night story on a large screen
  • Segue to the Flying Jazz Kitten story.
  • Scat singing with the students
  • Short Q & A
    Needs for the presentation: 
    • Microphone for Sharon
    • Large screen
    • Projector (I travel with my own and prefer to use it unless the facility has  a smartboard of some type or a projector mounted in the ceiling.)
    • Audio that connects to my iPhone and computer
    • Small cart or table to reach what I need during the presentation easily.
    • Electrical outlets within reach of the presentation area.

    Option to include musicians for an additional fee.
    (See above video for an example of presenting with musicians.)

      Contact Sharon
      if interested in scheduling an Author Visit at your school.


      $1500 per day*
      Plus travel/lodging
      *Additional fees if including musicians


      If interested in learning more, Email:

      Interested in scheduling an Author Visit online? 

      Virtual Author Visit Fees

      $  50 for 30 minutes
      $  75 for 45 minutes
      $100 for 60 minutes