Learn music with a frog.

What teachers are saying…

I wish you could have seen the 2nd graders when they listened to the Freddie story today. The gasps when he landed in the alligator’s mouth were priceless. Thank you so much for this wonderful tool! It has changed everything about the way I teach!

-Lauren Shaughnessy

General and Vocal Music, Appleby School, Spotswood New Jersey

Freddie has really become a part of my classroom. My students are learning about their notes without realizing they’re learning.” 

Kimberly Clemensen

New York

I can’t tell you how exciting it is to have incorporated Freddie into my K-4 general music classroom. My students absolutely love Freddie! Your materials have provided me a much better understanding of ways to effectively teach. I went from dreading kindergarten classes to looking forward to them, and it’s because of your resources (I love telling them Freddie’s worried they’ll forget his story, knowing they’ll protest). My students can read and play with much more complexity than I gave them credit for. Their excitement is obvious when I reveal that we’re going to start another Freddie book – what an awesome way to be able to introduce a concept! 

Thank you for your work!

Amy Regier

South Breeze Elementary Music

ONE OF THE BEST TEACHING TOOLS I HAVE EVER USED. It was amazing the growth and learning that the kids had with these books and materials. And that moment that a kid (let’s say a 2nd grader) looks at another piece of music, and runs up to you to tell you that this note is an “E” because that’s where Eli’s house is…well, that’s just priceless. Also, the games are fun to play as a competition, too. I had a 3rd grader play the match game about the 1st book and complete it in less than 8 seconds. SO AMAZING!!!!Sam Crust

Posted at the Teaching with Freddie the Frog® Facebook page.

“I had my doubts that this would work for me. 
I threw caution to the wind after seeing your tutorials in the Freddie Basics Crash Course.  My first class was third grade.  
I knew that second graders could be offended by puppets, thinking it was too “baby.”  Third graders would be even harder to win over.

I could hardly believe it.  The third graders loved it!
Then the second graders loved it!
Then the first and the Kindergarten loved it!

One third grade teacher told me that her students are all talking about Freddie. I can hardly believe the student engagement.
And I can hardly believe how easily you teach the lines and spaces of the Treble Clef.” 


Music Teacher